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3ds max plugin

msKonektus is a 3ds max plugin (2017-2020) that allows you connecting vertices or particles using different geometry. You may know this kind of effect from Plexus plugin from After Effects. msKonektus is fast and efficient. Provides you many different parameteres to customize your final effect. Works with geometry and particles (standard partcles, Particle Flow, tyFlow).
My freeware application for converting ESRI ARC-INFO ASCII GRID files into OBJ.

With this small application you can convert your files from ESRI ARC/INFO ASCII GRID format directly to 3d object and save it as OBJ file. Free for commercial and non-commercial use.

Pińczów Castle Reconstruciton
The gallery made of 21 visualizations.

The Pińczów Castle was dismantled at the end of 18th century. I wanted to bring back the memory of this marvelous object by creating a gallery of 21 visualizations.
FISP - Free Image Sequence Player
My freeware application for playing sequences of images in specified fps.

FISP is a free, very fast and light-weight application that plays sequences of images in specified frames per second speed. It's very helpful in every day work for quick watching Your rendered sequences. Free for commercial and non-commercial use.
Online system for students and teachers
Created and developed for Medical University in Warsaw.

Created with PHP and MySQL. The first version was created in 2008 and then is was developed. The System helps students to choose training class and helps teachers to manage students data. Is is divided into 3 panels: for students, for teachers and for the main administrator. It is very elastic and contains many options to manage the data.
Rendering engine based on raytracing
College diploma project.

Standalone, fully implemented in C++ using its only standard libraries. The project supports: "look at" camera model, models in ASE format, point lights, point shadows, Phong shading model, bitmaps and textures in TGA format, bilinear texture filthering reflections and refractions, fresnel reflections, supersampling (antialiasing), hierarchical bounding volumes for space division, any resolution outout image, log file.
Official Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Karate & Okinawa Kobudo Website
Created and developed since year 2000.